Table 1

Percentage distribution of key characteristics of mothers and fathers

Sample subscribed to Kilkari
Randomised to receive Kilkari calls (sample size)23481998
Exposure to Kilkari (% of Kilkari subscribers listened to ≥50% of cumulative total of Kilkari immunisation calls)20.119.3
Full sample
Sample size44233781
 Other backward class47.148.6
 Scheduled caste/scheduled tribe30.528.8
Wealth quintiles
Completed years of formal education (Mean)*7.7 (4.0)8.8 (3.9)
Role in decision making
 In daily purchase21.349.1
 In pregnancy20.4
Number of children (Mean)*1.0 (1.1)1.0 (1.1)
Mobile phone ownership and access
 Owns personal mobile63.894.8
 Has access to mobile for >12 hours a day79.489.5
 Phone often with no balance9.567.1
Other sources of immunisation information
 Asked health worker33.2
 Received information from health worker88.7
  • *SD in parentheses.