Table 2

Recall of particular health topic discussed during VHSND sessions in the preceding 3 months attended by maternal respondents who were exposed versus unexposed to the GupShup Potli tool as part of the Ananya programme in Bihar, India

Health messageUnexposed
P value*
 % %
Growth monitoring3.59.5<0.001
Birth preparedness22.632.8<0.001
Complimentary feeding26.141.3<0.001
Antenatal visits19.228.7<0.001
Birth spacing2.721.1<0.001
Diarrhoea management0.35.7<0.001
Don’t remember37.77.9<0.001
  • *All models adjusted for religion, caste and no formal schooling.

  • VHSND, village health, sanitation and nutrition day.