Table 2

Key informants Interviewed by respondent type with knowledge of specific case studies

CategoryCases represented*N
Technology partner/implementers/technical partnerMobile Academy, TECHO+, Anmol, NCD app, CAS11†
GovernmentMobile Academy, TECHO+, Anmol, NCD app, CAS5
Funder/donorMobile Academy, CAS1
Evaluator/academicTECHO+, CAS3†
  • *Respondents across categories had knowledge of multiple cases: Mobile Academy (n=8); TECHO+ (n=5); ANMOL (n=5); NCD app (n=4); CAS (n=9).

  • †One respondent (KI07) is classified as both a technology partner/implementer and academic.

  • NCD, non-communicable diseases.