Table 1

Description of errors tracked and sent to field staff

Short messaging service error messageError definition
Duplicate unique identifierA 15-digit unique identifier duplicates another unique identifier in the data; the identifier is a concatenation of the district code, block code, village code, household number, and structure number.
Incorrect birthdateChild’s birthdate, including date, month, and year, has been incorrectly entered. Birthdate is too recent (less than 11 months since birth) or too old (more than 17 months since birth).
Many miscarriagesMore than one miscarriage noted for one pregnancy event.
Many birthsMore than two births noted for one pregnancy event.
Young ageRespondent reported age is 18 or below.
Female condomsFemale condoms use reported despite the fact that they are rare in rural India.
Rushed interviewsSurveys taking an abnormally short time to complete based on a machine learning algorithm.