Table 2

Time-and-motion activity codes

CategoryActivityActivity description
Direct patient servicesHIV testing servicesHIV finger prick testing including pretest and post-test counselling.
HIV self-test informationInformation about self-testing before/without distribution; code also used if client declined to take test kit.
HIV testing informationInformation abount finger prick testing.
Primary HIV self-test distributionHIV self-testing kit primary distribution.
Secondary HIV self-test distributionHIV self-testing kit secondary distribution includes pretest counselling and demonstration on how to self-test.
HIV testing with secondary distributionHIV testing services that included a secondary distribution of HIV self-testing.
Other direct patient servicesTime allocated to services that are not related to HIV testing and HIV self-testing such as provision of family planning methods and antiretroviral treatment initiation.
HIV self-test administrationPredrive administration such as paperwork.
HIV testing administrationPretesting administration such as paperwork.
Non-direct patient servicesDriving to siteDriving time for the distributor/counsellor to reach the site from the implementers’ office.
Non-direct patient servicesAny time spent not facing clients such as lunch breaks and waiting for clients.