Table 2

Ranking of models by outcome

Number of kits distributed (decreasing)Cost per test kit distributed (increasing)Cost per recipient screening positive (increasing)Cost per recipient confirmed positive (increasing)Cost per recipient initiating ART (increasing)
Flexible communitySex workerSex workerSex workerSex worker
Workplace (Third party)Transport hubsHorizontal PHC (Index)Horizontal PHC (Index)Horizontal PHC (Index)
Transport hubsWorkplace (Direct)Transport hubsTransport hubsTransport hubs
Fixed pointKey populationsWorkplace (Direct)Fixed pointWorkplace (Direct)
Workplace (Direct)Flexible communityFixed pointWorkplace (Direct)Horizontal PHC (ANC)
Key populationsWorkplace (Third party)Workplace (Third party)Workplace (Third party)Workplace (Third party)
Sex workerFixed pointHorizontal PHC (ANC)Horizontal PHC (ANC)Mobile integration
Vertical PHCHorizontal PHC (Index)Mobile integrationMobile integrationFixed point
Horizontal PHC (ANC)Horizontal PHC (ANC)Vertical PHCVertical PHCFlexible community
Horizontal PHC (Index)Mobile integrationFlexible communityFlexible communityVertical PHC
Mobile integrationVertical PHCKey populationsKey populationsKey populations
  • Facility models are marked in different shades of blue, community models, in teal, and workplace models, in orange. (Note that the depth of shade has no significance other than to make it easier to identify and compare the position of each individual model across the rubrics).