Table 1

Description of modelled HIVST distribution modalities

Status quo distributionHIVST
Fixed pointTaxi ranksSecondary
(ART patients)
% of kit recipients screened positive5.7%5.2%3.9%19.9%6.4%4.0%
% of screened positive initiating ART27%27%27%27%27%40%
Cost per test kit distributed (2019 US$)5.704.7413.0412.315.448.24
Distribution of HIVST into different modalities
 Fixed point5%100%
 Taxi ranks5%100%
 Secondary PHC (ANC)7%100%
Secondary PHC (ART patients)3%100%
 Primary PHC60%100%
Scenario A: Distributing 1 million HIVST per year
 Total HIV tests performed per year (millions)15.415.515.515.615.415.515.3
 % of tests that are HIVST6%6%5%5%4%6%7%
Scenario B: Distributing up to 6.7 million HIVST per year (to replace 40% of conventional HTS)
 Total HIV tests performed per year (millions)15.415.915.715.615.915.815.3
 % of tests that are HIVST6%40%21%8%34%40%41%
  • ANC, antenatal care; ART, antiretroviral therapy; HIVST, HIV self-testing; HTS, HIV testing services; PHC, primary healthcare.