Table 1

Association between recommendations made during the JEE missions and joint activities identified during NBW

(A) JEE TAs with a possible or needed contribution of the animal health sector(B) JEE TAs with a link between JEE recommendations and NBW activities(C) Proportion (and %) of JEE recommendations to which NBW activities are associated
National legislation, policy and financingNational legislation, policy and financing (4)3/6 (50%)
IHR coordination, communication and advocacy*IHR coordination, communication and advocacy (15)7/9 (78%)
Antimicrobial resistance
Zoonotic diseases*Zoonotic diseases (15)9/10 (90%)
Food safetyFood safety (15)6/12 (50%)
Biosafety and biosecurity
National laboratory systemNational laboratory system (9)5/12 (42%)
Real-time surveillance*Real-time surveillance (18)12/16 (75%)
ReportingReporting (3)3/7 (43%)
Workforce development*Workforce development (19)8/11 (73%)
Preparedness*Preparedness (15)9/10 (90%)
Emergency response operations*Emergency response operations (13)8/9 (89%)
Linking public health and security authorities
Medical countermeasures and personnel deployment*Medical countermeasures and personnel deployment (10)9/11 (82%)
Risk communication*Risk communication (14)10/16 (62%)
Total89/129 (69%)
  • Columns report JEE TA (A) which have a component at the animal–human interface (source: OIE-WHO Handbook 201717); (B) for which recommendations made during the JEE missions can be associated with activities discussed during NBW (in bracket is the number of NBW activities associated with this TA) and (C) for each TA, proportion of JEE recommendations to which an NBW activity is associated.

  • *TAs with more than 70% of their recommendations implemented through NBW activities have been marked with an asterisk.

  • IHR, International Health Regulations; JEE, Joint External Evaluation; NBW, National Bridging Workshops; TA, technical area.