Table 1

Characteristics of inputs used from different data sources to estimate life tables for India and states, 2013–2017

Data sourceReference YearDeathsPopulationRemarks
CRS2017Death registrationProjections made by National Commission on PopulationDeath age groups standardised to SRS
SRS2017Dual record systemsObserved sample populationMultistage random sample of census blocks
NFHS2013–2016Household recallPerson years lived in each age group within householdsMultistage random cluster sampling of households
NBE2017State specific SRS proportions and national level UN WPP mortality/population estimatesPop and death age groups standardised to SRS
GBD2016IHME mortality modelsIHME population projectionsState-specific mortality model inputs not available
MODMATCH2017WHO Model Life Table systemProjections made by National Commission on PopulationEmpirical state-specific inputs of 5q0 and 45q15 (see table 2)
  • CRS, Civil Registration System; GBD, Global Burden of Disease; IHME, Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation; NBE, National Burden Estimates; NFHS, National Family Health Survey; SRS, Sample Registration System; UN, United Nations; WPP, World Population Project.