Table 3

Top five knowledge needs to improve surgical care in southern Africa

ExplanationKnowledge needElementPercentage scoreAverage score
What services, resources (funding, equipment, infrastructure, etc) and providers (numbers, knowledge, etc) are currently available to provide surgical care?Mapping of available services, resources and providersDefined packages of care*87.2%4.36
What is the burden of disease?Burden of surgical diseaseMandatory data sets*86.9%4.35
What number of providers need to be trained to appropriately provide for the local need?Appropriate number of traineesSurgical workforce*86.4%4.32
What type of information should be captured (clinical, patient-reported, process-based, etc)?Data needsInformation systems†85.9%4.30
What will successfully encourage practitioners to remain in their geographical areas?Strategies to encourage geographical retentionSurgical workforce*85.6%4.28
  • *Policy.

  • †Service delivery.