Table 2

Interviews: all participants are identified through their primary role

Interviewee codeBackground of interviewee(s)Interview mode and duration
IO-1Current IO employee with NCD-relevant remitIn person, 51 min
IO-2Current IO employee with NCD-relevant remitRemotely, 44 min
IO-3Current IO employee with NCD-relevant remitRemotely, 49 min
IO-4Current IO employee with NCD-relevant remitRemotely, 46 min
Ex-IO-1Former IO employee/CS memberRemotely, 47 min
Ex-IO-2Former IO employee/academicRemotely, 1 hour 11 min
CS-1CS member, previously IORemotely, 1 hour 3 min
CS-2Joint interview of two CS membersRemotely, not recorded
CS-3CS member/academicRemotely, not recorded
CS-4CS memberRemotely, 27 min
CS-5CS memberRemotely, 28 min
CS-6CS memberRemotely, 1 hour 41 min
CS-7CS memberIn person, 1 hour 17 min
CS-8CS memberRemotely, 46 min
CS-9CS memberRemotely, 50 min
  • CS, civil society; IO, international organisation; NCD, non-communicable disease.