Table 1

Summary of selected studies (n=56)

No of studies (%)
Publication dateStudy setting*
Before 20104 (7%)Africa48 (86%)
After 201052 (93%)Asia6 (11%)
South America3 (5%)
Type of publicationPacific Islands1 (2%)
Peer-reviewed articles45 (80%)
Grey literature11 (20%)
Study designQuantitative study30 (54%)
Quasi-experimental studies22 (39%)Qualitative study7 (13%)
(Pre–postintervention)Mixed-methods study19 (34%)
Case studies11 (20%)
Cross-sectional studies8 (14%)RHIS factors addressed by the interventions
Process evaluations5 (9%)All factors addressed43 (77%)
Randomised controlled trials5 (9%)Technical factors addressed49 (88%)
Retrospective studies/non-experimental design5 (9%)Organisational/ Behavioural factors addressed51 (91%)
Study periodRHIS processes addressed by the interventions
<1 year24 (43%)Multiple processes addressed48 (86%)
Between 1 and 3 years19 (34%)Most addressed processData collection (52;93%)
More than 3 years10 (18%)Least addressed processData display (8;14%)
Unknown3 (5%)
  • *Includes two multi-country study: one with multiple African countries and one with countries in both Africa and Asia

  • RHIS, routine health information system.