Table 1

Human resource, equipment and supplies in 16 NBUs in the CIN hospitals (H1–H16)

Deliveries per year*638744416228458155152945993925786744864111 404557151313653887221 608
Number of still births (%)*180 (3)195 (4)172 (3)150 (3)203 (4)42 (1)213 (2)47 (2)191 (3)231 (3)237 (2)169 (3)87 (2)105 (3)196 (2)521 (2)
Number of all NBU admissions per year†1250665176590215161047264041699626612386868139442029624769
% of outborn neonates among all NBU admissions per year†36176252414301713187217
Number of MOs dedicated to NBU‡0.50.50,511.
Number of Paediatricians dedicated to NBU‡0.50.510.510.510.50.51110.50.516
Nurse per day shift§2115623335423235
Nurse per night shift§1122322113312123
Cots in NBU1724123401739110531543206050
Babies share cotsyesyesnonoyesyesyesnoyesnoyesyesnononoyes
Babies share incubatorsyesyesyesnoyesyesyesyesYesnoyesyesnoyesyesyes
KMC beds**108078500746425416
CPAP machine¶2101101101443142
Pulse oximeter¶2111102110413444
Ability to do cultures††limitednonolimitednolimitedlimitednolimitedlimitednonolimitednonono
Birth weight (g) below which stable LBW are admitted in NBU2100200020002000200020002000180018002000200018001800180020001800
Weight required to initiate KMC for stable babies (g)15001200N/A150017001200N/AN/A1300120012001500N/A150012001400
Discharge weight from KMC unit (g)20002000N/A180019002000N/AN/A1800180018001800N/A18001800′1800
  • Deliveries and NBU admissions January 2019–December 2019.

  • *Deliveries and still births per year (percentage still births): January 2019–December 2019. Source: District Health Information System 2.

  • †All NBU admissions (inborn and outborn neonates) and % of outborn neonates in NBU per year: January 2019–December 2019. Source: CIN-Neonatal Database.

  • ‡MO/paediatricians dedicated to NBU: fraction time spent in NBU, 0.5 of person implies that the staff work 50% time of 08:00–17:00 working days in the NBU. 50% of the working period: the staff is in the other paediatric wards.

  • §Nurses: includes neonatal nurses (NNs) in seven hospitals (H4, H14 and H15 had one NN each, H7 and H11 had two NNs and H16 had three NNs).

  • ¶Functional equipment as per March 2020.

  • **KMC bed: any type of bed used, including ordinary ward bed, for continuous KMC.

  • ††Ability to do culture: all hospitals able to do diagnostic cultures had erratic supplies of reagents, unreliable culture results and blood culture specimens were not accepted in the laboratories at night.

  • CPAP, continuous positive airway pressure; KMC, kangaroo mother care; LBW, low birth weight; LOA, length of admission; MO, medical officer (excluded MO interns); N/A, not applicable (continuous KMC not practised); NBU, newborn unit.