Table 3

Sources of information within the cancer centre

Psychologist“I understood, they explained it to me with seeds, like when a farmer sows; it’s born, reproduces and dies.”
“Then when I came here, I changed my mind; I saw the place, the children, the psychologist talked to her, they explained it to her, and it was like a light of hope for a mom.”
“I also liked the way the psychologist talked to me, how she prepared me for the news, how she explained everything to me. She helped me a lot.”
Oncologist“I thought there was no medicine, but the doctor told me that there is medicine.”
“My vision changed because it was told to me by a doctor, a person with experience, he gave me more hope.”
“I feel comfortable; sometimes we forget to ask some things, but the doctor always explains to me.”
UNOP generally/other providers“The nurses also, they are very lovely with the girl, they talk to her and all. I feel in family”
“The staff, the workers, maintenance, the nurses, the doctor sometimes comes inside and chats a little and say don't worry, you will be home soon. It’s a hope.”
Other patients/families“When I'm in the room with my child, I see he still has his eyes, I ask myself, if he’s going to be one of them?”
“I talk to the rest of the parents here, we love to talk and we become like family, we encourage each other, that’s the only thing we can do.”
“Yes, because I feel like I’m not the only one living this. Some of them lived my situation already and they are full of strength.”
  • UNOP, Unidad Nacional de Oncología Pediátrica.