Table 1

Major policies in response to COVID-19 in 2020

Date policy was in effectActorPolicy or policy actionNo of confirmed COVID-19 cases
7 MarchPresidentCreating the Presidential Task force on COVID-19.250
20 MarchPresidentDeclaration of the state of disaster and restriction of public gatherings and public events.220
23 MarchPresidentSchool closures at all levels.250
24 MarchMOHSelf-quarantine for individuals returning from high-risk countries (Malawi Ministry of Health Announcement for the 24 of March 2020)0
1 AprilMOHCOVID-19 disease declared a formidable disease.230
1 AprilMOHBorder closure and suspension of international flights.250
9 AprilMOHPublic health (coronavirus prevention, containment and management) rules, 2020.278
7 AugustMOHPublic health (coronavirus prevention, containment and management) rules, 2020.294491
  • MOH, Malawi Ministry of Health.