Table 2

Comparing sex/gender reporting in general medical journals and global health specialist journals, by research and non-research articles

Sex/gender reporting frameworkResearch articlesNon-Research articles
Total (n=280)General medical journals (n=120)Global health specialist journals (n=160)Total (n=262)General medical journals (n=120)Global health specialist journals (n=142)
Pre-specified sex/gender analysis8%6%10%
Reported gender of study participants72%91%57%
Percentage of female participants
Reported participation of transgender/non-binary participants0.7%0%1%
Stated how sex/gender was determined6%5%6%
Performed any form of analysis of sex/gender differences (excluding eight articles w/ single sex participants)59%71%50%
Featured sex and/or gender in discussion40%29%49%
Focused on an issue specifically relating to sex/gender8%6%10%
Referred to sex/gender related issues anywhere in text40%29%50%
  • The dark grey colour indicates there is no data in that cell.