Table 1

Characteristics of screened documents

Country/regionFocus of documentTitleAny action plan for HIV/NCD integration?

GeneralBurundi Vision 2025, (2012–2025),69No
GeneralNational Health Policy 2016 - 202558No
HIV/AIDSNational Guidelines for HIV Prevention and Treatment in Burundi, 202059No
HIV/AIDSImplementation Plan for National Guidelines for HIV Prevention and Treatment, 202060No
NCDNational Strategic Plan for the Control of Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases (2011–2015)64No
NCDChronic Non-Communicable Disease Activity Plan, 201765No
KenyaGeneralKenya Health Policy, (2014–2030),45Yes
GeneralKenya Health Sector Strategic Plan (2018 – 2023)46No
HIV/AIDSNational AIDS Control Council Strategic Plan, (2015–2019),48Yes
HIV/AIDSGuidelines on Use of Antiretroviral Drugs for Treating and Preventing HIV in Kenya, 201847Yes
NCDKenya National Strategy for the Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases, (2015–2020),70Yes
NCDKenya National Guidelines for Cardiovascular Diseases Management 201871Yes
Republic of South SudanGeneralSouth Sudan National Health Policy (2016–2026),67No
HIV/AIDSRepublic of South Sudan, Country Operational Plan (COP) 2018, Strategic Direction, - HIV/AIDS (2018),72No
RwandaGeneralFourth Health Sector Strategic Plan, July 2018 – June 2024,73No
HIV/AIDSRwanda National Strategic Plan for HIV and AIDS 2013 – 2018; Extension 2018 - 2020,74Yes
HIV/AIDSNational HIV/AIDS Targets (2018–2030),54No
HIV/AIDSNational Guidelines for Prevention and Management of HIV and STIs, 201655No
HIV/AIDSCircular of key changes in HIV prevention and management guidelines, 201856No
NCDRwanda Non-Communicable Diseases National Strategic Plan, (2014–2019),57No
TanzaniaGeneralHealth Sector Strategic Plan (July 2015–June 2020),66No
HIV/AIDSHealth Sector HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan (HSHSP IV), 2017–2022Yes
HIV/AIDSNational Guidelines for the Management of HIV and AIDS, (2019)49Yes
HIV/AIDSOperational manual for comprehensive differentiated delivery of HIV and AIDS services, 201950Yes
NCDStrategic and Action Plan for The Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases in Tanzania, (2016–2020),63Yes
UgandaGeneralUganda One Health Strategic Plan, (2018–2022),75No
HIV/AIDSNational HIV and AIDS Strategic Plans, (2016–2020),53Yes
HIVConsolidated Guidelines for Prevention and Treatment of HIV in Uganda, 202052Yes
NCDThe Uganda NCD Alliance Strategic Plan DRAFT (2016–2019)76No
East African CommunityNCDThe East Africa NCD Charter (2018)61No
NCDEast Africa NCD Alliance Initiative. A Civil Society Benchmark Report. Responses to NCDs in East Africa, 201462Yes
  • NCD, non-communicable disease.