Table 2

Mortality and HRs for death among children eligible for enrolment in the MVEPI trial. Overall and stratified by sex of eligibility assessment

NDeaths/person years (PYRS)Mortality rate (per 1000 PYRS)HR 95% CI*P value test of interaction
Children 12–35 months at eligibility assessment
Restrictive MV policy137344/369811.91.00 (ref)
MV for all140545/372312.10.95 (0.64 to 1.43)
All Children
Restrictive MV policy233981/677512.01.00 (ref)
MV for all242892/698313.21.06 (0.78 to 1.44)
Children 12–35 months at eligibility assessment
Restrictive MV policy67526/186713.91.00 (ref)
MV for all69622/188411.70.78 (0.42 to 1.45)
Restrictive MV policy69818/18319.81.00 (ref)
MV for all70923/183812.51.20 (0.63 to 2.27)
All Children
Restrictive MV policy115747/343813.71.00 (ref)
MV for all118739/345411.30.79 (0.49 to 1.25)
Restrictive MV policy118234/333710.21.00 (ref)
MV for all124153/352915.01.43 (0.87 to 2.35)
  • *Estimated in a Cox proportional hazards model stratified for region and pretrial mortality level. 95% CI estimated using a robust SE accounting for intra-cluster correlation.

  • MV, measles vaccine.