Table 4

Mortality and HRs for death of children eligible for enrolment in the MVEPI trial, according to number of doses of pentavalent vaccines (Penta) prior to assessment of eligibility

NDeaths/person years (PYRS)Mortality rate (per 1000 PYRS)HR 95% CI*P value test of interaction
Children 12–35 months at eligibility assessment†
Penta3 before eligibility assessment0.06
Restrictive MV policy80622/220610.01.00 (ref)
MV for all80230/212314.11.33 (0.77 to 2.31)
No Penta3 before eligibility assessment
Restrictive MV policy56722/149114.81.00 (ref)
MV for all60315/16009.40.59 (0.31 to 1.14)
All children
Penta3 before eligibility assessment0.008
Restrictive MV policy141441/41849.81.00 (ref)
MV for all142961/413614.71.46 (0.97 to 2.19)
No Penta3 before eligibility assessment
Restrictive MV policy92540/259115.41.00 (ref)
MV for all99931/284710.90.66 (0.43 to 1.03)
  • *Estimated in a Cox proportional hazards model stratified for region and pretrial mortality level. 95% CI estimated using a robust SE accounting for intra-cluster correlation.

  • †Among 12–36 months old children with inspected vaccination cards during follow-up, 16% (157/953) of children of initially Penta3 unvaccinated children received Penta3; among 9–11 months this was 91% (629/693).

  • MV, measles vaccine.