Table 3

Mortality and HRs for death of children eligible for enrolment in the MVEPI trial, according to number of doses of oral polio vaccine in campaigns prior to assessment of eligibility

NDeaths/person years (PYRS)Mortality rate (per 1000 PYRS)HR 95% CI*P value test of interaction
Children 12–35 months at eligibility assessment
0–2 doses0.005
Restrictive MV policy58016/16519.71.00 (ref)
MV for all59728/163117.21.69 (0.97 to 2.95)
≥3 doses
Restrictive MV policy79328/204613.71.00 (ref)
MV for all80817/20928.10.54 (0.31 to 0.97)
All Children
0–2 doses0.004
Restrictive MV policy147449/447111.01.00 (ref)
MV for all154872/463715.51.38 (0.99 to 1.94)
≥3 doses
Restrictive MV policy86532/230413.91.00 (ref)
MV for all8803/25411.80.57 (0.33 to 0.98)
  • *Estimated in a Cox proportional hazards model stratified for region and pretrial mortality level. 95% CI estimated using a robust SE accounting for intra-cluster correlation.

  • MV, measles vaccine.