Table 4

Linear regression results examining non-clinical and socio-demographic factors as predictors of overall patient satisfaction (SP and RP)

VariablesDependent variableSatisfaction with general care
Respect and dignity
 General attitude0.220***(0.047)0.056(0.074)
Quality of basic amenities
 Level of privacy0.073*(0.043)0.163***(0.049)
Effective communication
 Understanding health problem0.097**(0.042)0.310***(0.066)
 Explaining health condition0.148***(0.037)0.292***(0.070)
Age (Ref. from 15 to 29 years)
 ≥30 years0.022(0.022)−0.009(0.047)
Gender (Ref. Male)
Race (Ref. African)
Education (Ref. <Matric)
Province (Ref. Eastern Cape)
 Western Cape0.043(0.028)0.017(0.060)
 Motor vehicle or van−0.012(0.027)0.134*(0.067)
 Fridge or freezer−0.031(0.036)−0.130(0.117)
Clusters (facilities)3939
Observations (visits)1021336
R2 0.4140.436
Variance Inflation Factors (VIF) (average)1.301.84
  • Robust standard errors adjusted for clustering at the facility level shown in parentheses. Significance at ***1% level **5% level *10% level. Control variables include age, gender, race, education, province, motor vehicle or bakkie, satellite dish and fridge or freezer. VIF are provided in square brackets below the coefficients. They show that multicollinearity is not a problem in the model as the VIF values for all explanatory variables are less than 5.

  • RP, real patient; SP, standardised patient; VIF, variance inflation factor.