Table 2

COVID-19 case management unit costs for patients with mild-to-moderate symptoms

InputsHome-based care unit costs per caseHospital/isolation centre care costs per case
KESUS$% of total costKESUS$% of total cost
Health worker transport cost1000.009.484.18
Accommodation and overheads22 829.61216.4128.31
Staffing2243.4321.279.3714 279.78135.3617.71
Pharmaceuticals (medicines, etc)25.920.250.1125.920.250.03
Non-pharmaceuticals (fluids, devices, etc)
COVID-19 test1816.6217.227.591816.6217.222.25
Other laboratory tests0.000.00
Personal protective equipment18 856.04178.7478.7641 686.93395.1751.70
Total cost per patient23 942.00226.9680 638.86764.41
Patient cost per day1995.1718.916719.9063.70
  • KES, Kenyan shilling.