Table 3

COVID-19 case management unit costs for patients with severe and critical COVID-19 disease

InputsUnit costs for severe COVID-19 diseaseUnit costs for critical COVID-19 disease
KESUS$% of total costKESUSS% of total cost
Accommodation and overheads22 829.61216.4114.4848 000.00455.016.32
Staffing19 835.18188.0312.58350 512.563322.6546.19
Pharmaceuticals (medicines, etc)55 224.45523.4935.0371 946.61682.019.48
Non-pharmaceuticals (fluids, devices, etc)2487.223.581.584527.2042.920.60
COVID-19 test1816.6217.221.151816.6217.220.24
Other laboratory tests10 817.77102.556.8621 817.77206.822.87
Personal protective equipment44 292.37419.8628.10243 173.782305.1432.04
Oxygen therapy13 413.79127.1512.8215 676.79148.618.19
Equipment costs (including ventilator) and monitoring in ICU12 887.60122.171.70
Total cost per patient157 644.791494.38758 917.307194.07
Patient cost per day13 137.07124.5463 243.11599.51
  • ICU, intensive care unit; KES, Kenyan shilling.