Table 1

Adherence to SAGER guidelines by study type

SAGER guidelines recommendationsType of study
Interventional trials%Observational trials%
Introduction: sex and gender differences in the infection, manifestation, or outcomes of COVID-19 should be acknowledged in the introduction.0/5504/716
Methodology1: papers should report how sex and gender were taken into account in the design of the study.0/5500/710
Methodology2: papers should justify reasons for the exclusion, or differing numbers, of males or females.0/5500/710
Results: ‘Sex- and gender-based analyses should be reported regardless of positive or negative outcome’.6 Articles should note if there is a difference between sexes or genders, or if there is no difference, in their results.2/55412/7117
Discussion: what the results of the study mean for women and men should be analysed in the discussion section1/55212/7117
Generalisability: if a sex and gender analysis is not done, then this should be justified or addressed in relation to the generalisability of the results.0/5502/718
  • SAGER, Sex and Gender Equity in Research.