Table 1

GOING-FWD cohorts gender related variables—wish list

RolesInstitutionalised gender
Primary earner statusEducational Level
Employment StatusSES/Income
OccupationMonthly finances
Paid work hours per weekIncome (personal, household)
Unpaid work hours per week (eg, caregiver hours)No of persons living in household
Full/part time workRetirement eligibilities
Child caregiver responsibilities the individual or othersPerceived Social Standing Questionnaire (eg, McArthur Scale)
Adult caregiver responsibilitiesGII Questionnaire
No of hours per week spent on houseworkMaternity paternity-related variables
Status of household’s primary responsibilityDiscrimination
No of childrenDay-to-day experiences
RelationsPerceived bias
Marital/relationship statusStigmatisation
Family or local network (social capital)Violence (hx or present)
Social supportIntimate partner domestic
Social support (any recognised social support instrument)Ethnic violence
Availability of caretaker (for self)Sexual orientation
IdentityImmigration status
StressBehavioural/lifestyle risk factors
14-Item Perceived Stress ScaleEuropean Health Determinants Module
Stress level at work (any measure of stress)Current smoking, smoking history, cigarettes per day
Stress level at home (any measure of stress)Physical activity
Stress managementPhysical activity (eg, self-reported: PPAQ) - Physical activity (eg, accelerometer)
Personality traitsFood diary - Diet quality index
Emotional intelligence QuestionnaireAlcohol consumption
Any validated measures of personality
(NEO classic five personality traits)
Substance use (use of drugs)
BSRI (instrument) measurement of gender identityNutrition
Depressive symptomatology/anxietyOverall diet quality index
Patient Health Questionnaire-9Physical activity barriers (fatigue, lack of motivation, etc)
HAD ScaleNutrition barriers (expensiveness, lack of motivation, etc)
Anxiety/depression any scalePhysical activity facilitators (social support, self-motivation, etc)
Childhood trauma (reported history)Nutrition facilitators (social support, self-motivation, etc)
  • BSRI, Bem Sex-Role Inventory; GII, Gender Inequality Index; GOING-FWD, Gender Outcomes INternational Group: to Further Well-being Development; HAD, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale; hx, history; NEO, Neuroticism, Extroversion, Openness; PPAQ, Pregnancy Physical Activity Questionnaire; SES, socioeconomic status.