Table 1

Selected countries' income group and recent policy

Country (region)Income-economy typeType of policyPolicy
Bangladesh (South-East Asia Region)Lower middle incomeHealth warning regulationThe Smoking and Tobacco Products Usage (Control) Rules 2015
Colombia (Region of the Americas)Upper middle incomeTax increaseBroad fiscal reform package approved by Colombia’s Congress in 2016
Ethiopia (African Region)Low incomeComprehensive regulationFood and Medicine Administration Proclamation No. 1112/2019
India (South-East Asia Region)Lower middle-incomeHealth warning regulationG.S.R. 727(E) (2015) G.S.R. 739(E) (2016) G.S.R. 331(E) (2016)
Sri Lanka (South-East Asia Region)Upper middle-incomeHealth warning regulationThe National Authority on Tobacco and Alcohol (Amendment) Act (2015)
Uganda (African Region)Low incomeComprehensive regulationTobacco Control Act 2015, implementing regulations from 2019
Ukraine (European Region)Lower middle incomeTax increase2017 budget approved by Parliament, submitted by the Ministry of Finance
Zambia (African Region)Lower middle incomeComprehensive regulationZambia Tobacco and Nicotine Products Control Bill (Draft Bill being considered by Line Ministries at the time of data collection)
  • Sources: WHO Region,68 income-economy group,69 information on health warning and comprehensive policies,70 information on tax increases.71 For a more detailed table, see 31