Table 1

Country and setting of included studies

CountrySettingNo. of studies
Documented severe malnutrition studies
JamaicaTropical Metabolism Research Unit, Kingston3
SenegalUrban nutritional rehabilitation units, Thiès and Dakar2
MalawiNutrition ward at central hospital, Blantyre2
UgandaInfantile Malnutrition Research Unit, Kampala2
MexicoPaediatric hospitals, Mexico City2
EthiopiaUrban health centres, Jimma and Gondar1
GambiaMedical Research Council field station, West Kiang1
KenyaRural hospital, Kijabe1
Famine studies
ChinaGreat Chinese Famine (1959–1961)30
The NetherlandsDutch Hunger Winter (1944–1945)4
RussiaSiege of Leningrad (1941–1944)3
EnglandGerman occupation of Channel Islands (1944–1945)2
UkraineHolodomor famine (1932–1933)2
BangladeshPost-monsoon famine (1974–1975)1
NigeriaBiafran civil war (1967–1970)1