Table 1

Cause of death classifications by age group by WHO Global Health Estimates cause name with associated ICD-10 codes. The remainder cause categories (other infectious diseases and malnutrition and other non-communicable diseases) are not included in the estimated top five causes of death presented in this analysis.

Cause groupsICD-10 code
WHO Global Health Estimates high-level cause groupsAll causesA00–Y89
Group I. Communicable, maternal, perinatal and nutritional conditionsA00–B99, D50–D53, D64.9, E00–E02, E40–E64, G00–G09, H65–H66, J00–J22, J85, N30, N34, N390, N70–N73, O00–P96, U04
Group II. Non-communicable diseasesC00–C97, D00–D48, D55–D64 (exclude D64.9), D65–D89, E03–E34, E65–E88,
F01–F99, G10–G98, H00–H61, H68–H93, I00–I99, J30–J84, J86–J98, K00–K92, L00–L98, M00–M99, N00–N28, N31–N32, N35–N64 (exclude N39.0), N75–N98, Q00–Q99
Group III. InjuriesV01–Y89
Maternal and Child Epidemiology Estimation group causes for children under-5 years Cause name ICD-10 code
Diarrhoeal diseasesA00–A09
TetanusA33–A35 037
Meningitis/encephalitisA20.3, A32.1, A39.1
MalariaB50–B54, P37.3, P37.4 084
Lower respiratory infectionsH65–H66, J00–J22, J85, P23, U04
PrematurityP01.0, P01.1, P07, P22, P25–P28, P52, P61.2, P77
Birth asphyxia and birth trauma*P01.7–P02.1, P02.4–P02.6, P03, P10–P15, P20–P21, P24, P50, P90–P91
Sepsis and other infectious conditions of the newbornP35–P39 (exclude P37.3, P37.4)
Other infectious causes and malnutritionRemainder causes from group I
Congenital anomaliesQ00–Q99
Other non-communicable diseasesRemainder causes from group II
InjuriesV01–Y89 (group III)
Older children and adolescents (5–19 years)
In addition to the cause categories used for children under-5 years, the following categories from the WHO Global Health Estimates were added for older children and adolescents.
Cause name ICD-10 code
Maternal conditionsO00–O99
Unintentional injuries V01–X40, X43, X46–59, Y40–Y86, Y88, Y89
Road injuryV01–V04, V06, V09–V80, V87, V89, V99
Natural disastersX33–X39
Other injuriesY40–Y86, Y88, Y89
Intentional injuries X60–Y09, Y35–Y36, Y870, Y871
Self-harmX60–X84, Y870
Interpersonal violenceX85–Y09, Y871
Collective violence and legal interventionY35–Y36
  • *Also referred to as ‘intrapartum-related complications’.

  • †Deaths coded to ‘Symptoms, signs and ill-defined conditions’ (R00–R99 in ICD-10) are distributed proportionately to all for neonatal deaths, but exclusively to group I and group II for the postneonatal deaths.

  • ICD-10, International Classification of Diseases 10th Revision.