Table 1

A summary of the key characteristics of all the SIBs for NCDs

NameCauseInterventionFinancial termsService providerIntermediaryOutcome payerEvaluator
Canada’s Community Hypertension Prevention InitiativeHypertensionOnline health learning platform with support from dietitians, personal health coaches, membership to health and fitness centres.6.7% return if targets are met.
$C4 million maximum outcome payment.
Fixed coupon of $C1 million.
Heart and Stroke FoundationMaRS Centre for Impact InvestingPublic Health Agency of CanadaSocial Research and Demonstration Corporation
Fresno’s Asthma Impact Model (AIM4Fresno)Chronic asthmaIn-home care initiatives and education to reduce exposure to indoor environmental asthma triggers.8.2% return by 2015 return if targets are met.
Undisclosed maximum outcome payment.
Central California Asthma Collaborative and Clinica Sierra VistaSocial Finance USA and Collective HealthUndisclosed.Ian Duncan at The University of California, Santa Barbara
Newcastle’s Ways to WellnessLong-term conditionsCommunity-based social prescribing which included identifying health and well-being goals and increasing access to community and voluntary groups and resources with a non-medical link worker.1.38 times the initial investment return if targets are met.
£8.2 m maximum payment.
First Contact Clinical Mental Health Concern, HealthWORKS Newcastle, Changing Lives.Bridges Fund ManagementCabinet Office Social Outcomes Fund and the Newcastle West Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).The Institute of Health and Society at Newcastle University
Haringey, Staffordshire and Tower Hamlets’ Mental Health Employment PartnershipMental healthIndividual placement support service model and principles, where an employment advisor is embedded in local mental health professional teams.8% return return if targets are met.
£ 2.9 million maximum outcome payment.
Twining Enterprise, Making Space, and Working Well TrustSocial Finance UKCabinet Office Social Outcomes Fund, Haringey Council and CCG, Tower Hamlets CCG, Staffordshire County Council and CCGs, and Commissioning Better Outcomes FundCommissioning Better Outcomes Fund Evaluation, by Ecorys and Answer the Question (ATQ) Consultants
New South Wales’ (NSW) ResolveMental healthRecovery-based community support programme, encompassing intensive residential care and support at Resolve centres with peer-workers, collaboration with clinical services in Local Health Districts.7.5% per annum return return if targets are met.
$A23.9 million maximum outcome payment.
2% per annum fixed coupon
Flourish Australia (also known as RichmondPR).Social Ventures AustraliaGovernment of NSW, Ministry of Health acting through the Health Administration Corporation (HAC).Urbis
Hachioji’s SIBColorectal CancerMachine learning or artificial intelligence to make recommendation on Hachioji City residents to undergo colorectal cancer screened.Undisclosed return.
¥9 762 000 maximum outcome payment.
Cancer Scank-threeHachioji CityTokyo Institute of Technology, Cancer Scan and University of Tokyo
Kobe’s SIBPreventing severe diabetic nephropathyA 6-month project on health and dietary guidance to high-risk individuals.5% return return if targets are met.
¥34.06 million maximum outcome payment.
Disease Prevention Program (DPP) Health PartnersSocial Impact Investment FoundationKobe CityInstitute for Future Engineering
Netherlands Cancer and Work Health Impact BondCancerIntensive programme of physical and mental exercise at home and at work.Maximum outcome payment: €0.77M.
10% interest per year.
ArboNed (occupational health and safety service).
Re-turn (reintegration agency)
UndisclosedDe Amersfoortse (insurer)Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) and Tilburg University
Devon’s Healthier DevonDiabetesA 2-year lifestyle behavioural change (exercise and diet/nutrition) programme for high-risk prediabetics.Maximum outcome payment: £774 068 Total
£657 068 to the National Lottery Community Fund.
£117 000 to Devon County Council.
Westbank Community Health and Care (Devon based charity).No intermediary, used Westbank for coordination.Devon County Council and Commission Better Outcomes FundUniversity of the West of England.
IsraelDiabetesPersonalised intervention pf lifestyle changes (motivational, nutritional, technological and physical activity).Maximum outcome payment: undisclosed.B-wellSocial Finance IsraelIsraeli Health Maintenance Organisations (Clalit and Leumit) and the National Insurance InstituteSocial Finance Israel
Auckland Mental Health SIBMental healthHolistic service for those with mental health conditions to find and sustain employment, through support and screenings.9% maximum return for class A (lower risk), 17% for class B (higher risk).Advanced Personal Management (APM) Workcare.UndisclosedNew Zealand Ministry of Social Development.Undisclosed
  • NCD, non-communicable disease; SIB, social impact bond.