Table 2

The investment of each SIBs for NCD, by type, name, amount in 2019 US dollars and local currency

SIBInvestor typeInvestor namesInvestment/initial capital (expressed in 2019 US dollars)Investment/initial capital (expressed in local currency)
Canada’s Community Hypertension Prevention InitiativeFoundations, individuals, institutional investors (insurance, investment, or venture capital companies)QBE Insurance Group, RBC Generator, TELUS Ventures, Bealight Foundation, J.W. McConnell Family Foundation, Max Bell Foundation, Mindset Foundation, Catherine Donnelly Foundation, Doboto, Frederik Hyndman, Illumina Partners, Andrew Cockwell, Ian Cockwell, and Guy M. Beaudin.28 38 79US$2 308 224$C2 900 000.68 79–81
Fresno’s Asthma Impact Model(AIM4Fresno)Private foundationCalifornia EndowmentUS$1 207 185 for the extension.
US$724 311 for the pilot
US$1 100 000 for extension.32 82
US$660 000 for pilot.30 82 83
Newcastle’s Ways to WellnessInstitutional investor (impact investment company)Bridges Funds Management.49–51US$2 735 666£1 650 000.49 50
Haringey, Staffordshire and Tower Hamlets’ Mental Health Employment PartnershipInstitutional investor (leading social investment company in the UK)Big Issue Invest.48US$605 207£400 000.48 52 53
New South Wales’ (NSW) ResolveHigh net worth individuals, foundations, institutional investors (superannuation companies)NGS Super,
Grosvenor Pirie Super, anonymous individuals and foundations.41 42 84–86
US$5 500 493$A7 000 000.41 42 84–86
HachiojiInstitutional investors (impact investing company, venture capital firms, major bank)Social Impact Investment Foundation (SIIF), Digisearch and Advertising and Mizuho Bank.43 56US$82 801¥8 874 000.38 43
KobeInstitutional investors (impact investing company, major bank) and individual investors.SIIF, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation and anonymous individual investors.46US$286 609¥31 140 000
Netherland’s Cancer and WorkInstitutional investors (bank, venture philanthropy fund).ABN AMRO Social Impact Fund.
Start Foundation.
US$775 513€0.64 million capital raised
DevonInstitutional investor (impact investment company).Bridges Fund ManagementUS$1 421 209£1.047 million
IsraelIntuitional investors (investment funds, bank, philanthropic funds), individuals, software technology company. All coordinated by the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS Banking).
Bank Hapoalim; the family philanthropic fund of Copaxone inventor Professor Ruth Arnon and her husband, Dr Uriel Arnon; former Teva CEO Israel Makov; French fund Pharmadom; the Rashi Foundation; Gandyr Investments; Vital Capital Investments LP; a Canadian investment fund; Beyond Family Office; Check Point Software Technologies (Nasdaq: CHKP) cofounder Marius Nacht’s AMoon investment fund; Boaz Raam; and Alon Piltz.US$5 388 39619.4 million Shekels
AucklandSocial care and employment organisation, pharmaceutical company, investment fund, private philanthropic fundAdvanced Personal Management (APM) Workcare.
Prospect Investment
Management Limited.
Wilberforce Foundation.
US$1 134 402N$1.5 million.87
  • NCD, non-communicable disease; SIB, social impact bond.