Table 2

Summary of sensitivity analyses on overall incidence correction factor

NK95% CI
Base case3523.5(3.1 to 3.9)
Sensitivity analyses
 Exclude anthropometric outliers by WHO method3523.7(3.3 to 4.1)
 Exclude anthropometric outliers by SMART method3524.7(4.2 to 5.3)
 Exclude coverage surveys without exact match by time and place634.5(3.7 to 5.5)
 Exclude non-representative prevalence surveys2084.7(4.1 to 5.3)
 Exclude admissions data containing possible readmissions1144.3(3.7 to 5.0)
 Exclude implausible values of the incidence correction (K<1 by expert consensus or K>15.2 by Tukey’s criteria)2843.6(3.4 to 3.9)
 Exclude low quality prevalence surveys by SMART criteria2583.8(3.4 to 4.4)
  • SMART, Standardised Monitoring and Assessment of Relief and Transitions.