Table 3

Trends in care users’ first contact to PHC facilities in Jilin, China, 2008–2018, by urban and rural settings, and type of diseases

Choice of PHC facilities, %
 Diseases recommended to PHC facilities40.7070.8947.3480.9089.3078.90
Hypertensions and/or diabetes21.0582.1440.6678.1394.3482.31
Acute upper respiratory tract infections53.8572.9778.1690.3893.7191.41
Other ailment44.4443.3334.3877.3973.9170.82
 Diseases not recommended to PHC facilities30.3028.3335.6867.1867.1157.63
Crude RR(95% CI)
 Diseases recommended to PHC facilities0.57 (0.44,0.75)**ref0.67 (0.58,0.77)**0.91 (0.84,0.98)*ref0.88 (0.84,0.93)**
Hypertensions and/or diabetes0.26 (0.11,0.62)*ref0.49 (0.38,0.64)**0.83 (0.69,0.99)*ref0.87 (0.82,0.93)**
Acute upper respiratory tract infections0.74 (0.43,1.27)ref1.07 (0.85,1.34)0.96 (0.87,1.06)ref0.98 (0.92,1.04)
Other ailment1.03 (0.68,1.56)ref0.79 (0.55,1.14)1.05 (0.90,1.21)ref0.96 (0.84,1.09)
 Diseases not recommended to PHC facilities1.07 (0.62,1.84)ref1.26 (0.81,1.95)1.00 (0.85,1.18)ref0.86 (0.75,0.98)*
Adjusted RR(95% CI)†
 Diseases recommended to PHC facilities0.56 (0.43,0.74)**ref0.70 (0.60,0.82)**0.91 (0.85,0.99)*ref0.88 (0.84,0.93)**
Hypertensions and/or diabetes0.26 (0.11,0.63)*ref0.61 (0.46,0.80)**0.82 (0.68,0.99)*ref0.88 (0.83,0.94)**
Acute upper respiratory tract infections0.79 (0.48,1.33)ref1.03 (0.81,1.30)0.99 (0.89,1.09)ref0.98 (0.92,1.04)
Other ailments0.99 (0.65,1.52)ref0.85 (0.58,1.25)1.05 (0.90,1.22)ref0.94 (0.83,1.07)
 Diseases not recommended to PHC facilities0.99 (0.56,1.73)ref1.41 (0.89,2.25)1.01 (0.85,1.19)ref0.87 (0.76,1.00)
  • Data were weighted to yield provincially representative estimates.

  • *P<0.05, **p<0.001.

  • †Adjusting for sex, age, household income per capita, educational achievement, social health insurance and ethnicity.

  • PHC, primary health care; ref, reference group; RR, relative rate.