Table 4

Principal reasons for healthcare users’ first contact health facilities in urban and rural Jilin, China, 2008 and 2018, by type of healthcare providers

ReasonUrbanRuralP values*
PHC facilitiesSecondary or tertiary hospitalsPHC facilitiesSecondary or tertiary hospitals
Number of patients%Number of patients%Number of patients%Number of patients%
Transportation or travelling convenience17859.1614333.6577065.037817.270.001
Perceived better service quality3110.1717039.081229.6423952.22
Good relationship with staff in the facility5218.051113.4613110.112012.88
Reasonable cost278.79562.71837.37644.72
Health scheme designated facility72.23316.27647.15296.50
Other reasons61.60194.8390.70276.40
P values†<0.001<0.001
  • Data of principal reasons for patients’ first contact health facilities for outpatient care were only available in 2008 and 2018.

  • PHC facilitiesincluding community health centres and stations, township hospitals, village health centres and other clinics.

  • Data were weighted to yield provincially representative estimates.

  • *Chi-square test for difference between urban and rural settings (χ2=20.07, df=6).

  • †Chi-square test for difference between PHC facilities, and secondary or tertiary hospitals (urban: χ2=109.39, df=6; rural: χ2=456.65, df=6). P value of 0.001 as a cut-off point.

  • PHC, primary healthcare.