Table 2

ASRH papers stratified by substantive focus

Substantive focusFrequency countsPer cent
HIV (all aspects)23117.7
Sexual behaviour and transactional sex22617.4
Access to SRH services22317.9
Sexual and gender-based violence826.3
Adolescent pregnancy765.8
Child marriage675.1
Female genital mutilation624.8
School-based interventions604.6
Sex initiation544.1
Comprehensive sexuality education473.6
Menstrual hygiene463.5
Male circumcision443.4
Human papilloma virus433.3
Drug use/mental health413.1
Social/gender norm342.6
Adolescent youth-friendly services262.0
STI prevalence251.9
Large scale campaigns, community mobilisation, peer-focused interventions and engagement of boys251.9
Economic empowerment of girls221.7
Laws and policies181.4
Parental engagement181.4
  • ASRH, adolescent sexual and reproductive health; SRH, sexual and reproductive health; STI, sexually transmitted infection.