Table 1

Description of ASRH papers included in the review, 2010–2019

Paper characteristicsFrequency
Per cent
Region of paper’s focus
 East Africa48937.6
 Southern Africa37528.7
 West/central Africa24218.6
 Sub-Saharan Africa14611.3
 Global Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC)503.8
Number of authors on the paper
 Multiple authors106681.9
 Single author23618.1
Journal coverage
 International journal101778.1
Impact factor
 No impact factor22016.9
 4.1 and above846.4
Research methods
  Randomised controlled trial604.6
  Pilot study80.6
  Other designs70.5
 Mixed methods16412.6
Age group of research focus
Paper’s collaborative type
 Only authors from the country of focus45334.8
 Authors include individuals from US top universities1027.8
 Authors include individuals from USA/Canada but not top US university (only)27020.7
 Authors include individuals from Europe26020.0
 Authors include individuals from other Africa countries463.5
 Authors include individuals from multiple (more than three places) locales15211.7
 Authors include individuals from Australia or Asia191.5
Paper includes author from the country of focus100677.3
Papers with first authors with an African-institutional affiliation66651.2
Papers with middle authors with an African-institutional affiliation29122.4
Papers with last authors with an African-institutional affiliation69653.5
Papers that do not include an author with an African-institutional affiliation20415.7
Country of funders
 EU countries1037.9
 South Africa302.3
 Other African countries251.9
 Other locales (Australia, Japan and Taiwan)80.6
 Not funded72855.9
  • ASRH, adolescent sexual and reproductive health; LMIC, low and middle income country.