Table 1

Characteristics of the eligible seroprevalence studies

Location (reference)Type of populationDateSample tested, nAge cut-off,* y
Denmark (17)Blood donors1–26 June231170
Hungary (18)General1–16 May10 47265
Iceland (19)GeneralApril–June30 57670
Spain (20)General14 April to 1 May61 07565
UK (21)General20 June to 13 July99 90865
UK (22)Biobank27 May to 14 August18 73470
Brazil (23)General4–7 June31 16570
Canada (24)Blood donorsMay37 73760
Dominican Republic(25)General, hotspot areasApril–June12 89760
USA (26)HaemodialysisJuly28 50365
USA (27)Life insurance applicants12 May to 25 June50 02561
USA (28)Blood donorsJune–July189 65665
USA—New York (29)General, convenience19–28 April15 10155
USA—Brooklyn (30)General, convenienceEarly May11 09270
China—Wuchang (31)GeneralMid-May61 43770
China (32)DiverseJanuary–April17 36865
India (33)General11 May to 4 June28 00060
  • *For the comparison of seroprevalence in elderly versus younger participants, 70 years was the default cut-off chosen, but as shown in this column, a lower cut-off was chosen when seroprevalence data according to the 70-year cut-off were not available.