Table 4

Common frameworks across the pilot countries

1. IHR Self-assessment Annual Reporting Tool 2018
2. Strategic Tool for Assessing Risks
3. Rapid or Comprehensive Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Assessment
4. Service Availability and Readiness Assessment
5. Global Fund Concept Note
6. Service Provision Assessment
7. Malaria Indicator Survey
8. Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys
9. Aids Indicator Survey
10. OIE Tool for the Evaluation of Performance of Veterinary Services (PVS)
11. Vulnerability Risk Assessment and Mapping
12. PVS Gap Analysis Tool
13. GAVI Annual Reporting
14. Demographic Health Survey
15. Assessment tool for core capacity requirements at designated airports, ports and ground crossings
16. Africa Leaders Malaria Alliance Scorecard
17. Health Sector Monitoring and Evaluation Plan
18. Health Security Financing Assessment Tool
19. Health Resources Availability Monitoring System
  • GAVI, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance; IHR, International Health Regulations; OIE, World Organisation for Animal Health.