Table 1

Country characteristics

Covid-19 related
 First confirmed case*January 30, 2020March 18, 2020January 30, 2020March 21, 2020
 Total confirmed cases as of October 5 2020*322 49715 0526 623 8158808
 Total deaths as of October 5 to 2020*5776333102 68581
 Deaths per 100 000 population†
Electricity, internet, phone
 Access to electricity (% of population)‡95 (total)
98 (urban)
93 (rural)
40 (total)
77 (urban)
11 (rural)
95 (total)
100 (urban)
93 (rural)
43 (total)
58 (urban)
38 (rural)
 Mobile§ subscriptions per 100 people154968457
 Secure Internet servers per 1 million people¶1113638922
 Individuals using the Internet (%)**43142024
Population characteristics
 Population††108 million18 million1.4 billion44 million
 Average age (median)‡‡25.717.628.416.7
Descriptions of our qualitative research
Topical focusVaccine hesitancyTB care-seekingCOVID-19 health servicesMental health and HIV
Target populationParents of <5 children, policy makers, healthcare workers, community leaders Patients diagnosed with TB in the 2 weeks prior to interviewPrivate healthcare providers, including medical doctors and experience-based rural medical practitioners who provide services to low-income populationsPeople living with HIV, health workers, community members knowledgeable about mental health
Geographical areasUrban and ruralUrbanUrban and ruralRural, trading and fishing communities
Sampling techniquePurposive—criterionPurposive—criterionPurposive—criterion and snowballPurposive—criterion and snowball
Average length of interview1–1.5 hours45–60 min45–60 min1–2 hours
Remote platforms used for recruitment and/or interviewsZoom, Skype, Google Meet and FB messengerMobile phoneMobile phone, WhatsApp phone, ZoomTelephone