Table 1

Strategies according to healthcare system management categories, reported by 18 articles included in the systematic review

Miyaki142011Influenza A H1N1Infection screeningTemperature checkWorkersWorkplace
Infection screeningEarly recognition; triage; isolation of casesWorkers and their families
Return to work policyCriteria based on physician’s evaluationWorkers
Rebmann152013Influenza A H1N1TrainingNAWorkersWorkplace
Infection screeningNA
Environmental infection control measuresIncrease frequency of cleaning
Restricting work travelNA
Sahu21COVID-19Discouraging and interruption of face-to-face meetingsTechnologyWorkers and studentsWorkplace
Restricting work travelNAWorkers and studentsAcademics
Team organisationTeam Management
Counselling servicesTechnology
Psychological assistanceCounselling
Bennett312009Influenza A H1N1Hand hygiene; personal protective equipment; social distancing; contact tracing;
Face mask, gloves;
General populationCommunity
Qualls262017Influenza A H1N1Hand hygieneSanitiserGeneral populationCommunity
Respiratory etiquette
Personal protective equipmentFace mask; gloves
infection screeningIsolation of cases
Social distancingNA
School closuresNA
Risk communication assessmentInstitutional network
Environmental infection control measuresGeneral population, HCW
Chu322010Influenza A H1N1Environmental infection control measuresVentilating,
Disinfecting each room
General populationCommunity
Social distancing
Personal protective equipmentFace mask
Williams332010Influenza A H1N1Communication planMedia;
Emergency hotline
General populationCommunity
Policies developmentDecision making and communication processes coordination;
Institutional network
General population, Local and regional health authorities, HCW
Resources ManagementManagement plan
Fleming342012Influenza A H1N1Communication planEmergency hotlineGeneral populationCommunity
Chen202008SARSRisk communication assessmentInstitutional networkGeneral populationCommunity
Ear302012Influenza A H1N1Communication planExchange the available scientific knowledge;
Information dissemination
General population, Local and regional health authorities, HCWCommunity
Policies developmentGuideline;
International network
Nhan352012Influenza A H1N1Communication planTechnologyGeneral populationCommunity
Krumkamp362009Influenza A H1N1;
Communication planInformation dissemination; Hazard Analysis and Critical Control PointsGeneral population, Local and regional health authorities, HCWCommunity
Policies development
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points;

  • Implementation of guidelines

Wang222020COVID-19Communication plan
  • Information dissemination;

  • SWOT analysis

General population, Local and regional health authorities, HCWCommunity
Communication coordinationNA
Policies development
  • SWOT analysis;

  • International network

Psychological assistanceNA
Psychological assistancePsychological early warning systemGeneral population
Weeramanthri162010Influenza A H1N1Policies development;
Counselling decision making and communication
Processes coordination
General population, local and regional health authorities, HCWCommunity
Charania372011Influenza A H1N1Policies development
  • Opening of an Alternative Care Site, a satellite centre providing health services;

  • establishment of an emergency fund;

  • International network

General population, Local and regional health authorities, HCWCommunity
Management of critical supplies;
Resources Management;
Team organisation
Management plan
Yen172014Influenza A H1N1; SARSPolicies developmentManagement planGeneral population, Local and regional health authorities, HCWCommunity
Implementation of guidelinesPatients, HCWCommunity
 Li282020COVID-19Creation of a crisis response teamManagement planPatients, HCWCommunity
Online mental health counsellingTechnology
Team organisationTeam Organisation
Psychological assistanceExpert groups
  • .HCW, healthcare workers; ; NA, not applicable; SARS, severe acute respiratory syndrome; SWOT, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.