Table 1

Characteristics of ACF implementors

CountryYearOrganisation categoryIntervention type*Intervention
Afghanistan2017–2018Non-governmental organisationCommunity outreachSchool girls were trained to screen women and girls in rural villages. Also, health workers (doctors, midwives, nurses) screened women and young girls attending clinics.
Ethiopia2013–2015Academic institutionCommunity outreachHealth extension workers conducted house-to-house screening among adults and contact tracing was also conducted. Isoniazid Preventative Therapy (IPT) was initiated for asymptomatic children.
India2017–2019Non-governmental organisationSystematic screening, community outreach, contact tracingHealthcare workers screened individuals for TB in outpatient departments, and pharmacies and conducted contact tracing at home among contacts of people with TB.
Kenya2010–2012Non-governmental organisationContact tracing, key populationsRecruited and trained community health workers to conduct door-to-door TB and HIV screening, and contact tracing among contacts of people with TB.
Nepal2014–2016Non-governmental organisationSystematic screening, community outreachConducted chest camps for community based screening of children and people living in slums.
Nigeria2013–2014Non-governmental organisationKey populationsUsing health workers to screen children for TB at primary schools and contacts of people with TB, at anti-retroviral treatment clinics.
Pakistan2018–2019Academic institutionKey populationsOutreach workers recruited and trained by the project conducted house-to-house screening or work place screening among transgender populations.
Pakistan2014–2016Non-governmental organisationCommunity outreach, contact tracing, key populationsEngaged community screeners to screen households and contacts of people with TB. They were also responsible for sputum collection, case detection and follow-up with people with TB.
Peru2017–2018Non-governmental organisationCommunity outreachIndividuals who formerly had TB screened individuals for TB within their communities.
South Africa2013–2014Non-governmental organisationCommunity outreach, key populationEngaged community health workers and health workers to conduct household screening for TB and contact tracing.
  • *Community outreach=conducting house to house screening within the community or mass screening events; contact tracing=screening contacts of people who had TB; systematic screening=screening a particular targeted population; key populations=those identified as vulnerable or targeted populations within the respective country/region.

  • ACF, active case finding interventions; TB, tuberculosis.