Table 1

Characteristics of studies included in review

AuthorTitleAim(s)SettingNParticipantsData collection methodAnalytical approach
Fang26Exploring traditional end-of-life beliefs, values, expectations, and practices among Chinese women living in England: Informing culturally safe careTo explore the end-of-life beliefs, values, practices, and expectations of a select group of hard-to-reach Chinese women living in EnglandEngland, UK11Marginalised Chinese women aged 25–54Individual in-depth semistructured interviewsGrounded theory
Heidenreich27The experience of Chinese immigrant women in caring for a terminally ill family member in AustraliaTo explore the influence of Chinese cultural norms and immigration on the experience of immigrant women of Chinese ancestry caring for a terminally ill family member at home in Sydney;
To identify factors that may present access barriers to palliative care support services
Sydney, Australia5Asian women carers of Chinese ancestry reside in Sydney, aged 55–65Semi-structured face-to-face in-depth interviewsInterpretive thematic analysis
Nielsen28Patient-centred care or cultural competence: Negotiating palliative care at home for Chinese Canadian immigrantsTo deepen thinking and understanding of Chinese immigrant experiences of palliative home careOntario, Canada2311 key informants
four first generation Chinese immigrants, aged 50–80
five family care givers
three home visiting nurses
Focused ethnographic study; in-depth open-ended individual interviewsPostcolonial theory
Mondia29The impact of Asian American value systems on palliative care: Illustrative cases from the family-focused grief therapy trialTo examine the challenges and opportunities that arise in family work and examine the cultural underpinnings that impact on outcomesUSA5Chinese American family (care recipient, her brother, elder sister, two nieces)Qualitative analysis of 36 therapy sessionsnot stated
Yonashiro-Cho30Knowledge about and perceptions of advance care planning and communication of Chinese-American older adultsTo explore the knowledge, attitudes, and preferences of older Chinese Americans toward advance care planningUSA34Chinese-American older adults residing in urban areasFocus groupsGrounded theory
Chi31Please ask gently: using culturally targeted communication strategies to initiate end-of-life care discussions with older Chinese AmericansTo explore communication strategies for Health care providers (HCPs) to initiate end of life care discussions with older Chinese Americans in the San Francisco Bay AreaSan Francisco Bay Area, USA3014 community-dwelling older Chinese Americans
nine adult children
7 HCPs
Qualitative (focused) ethnographic study; Field observations; Individual semistructured interviewsConstant comparative analysis
Duke32Perspectives of Asians living in Texas on pain management in the last days of lifeTo determine the attitudes about and preferences for pain management in the last days of life for persons born in Japan, China and Vietnam living inTexas, USA18Chinese residing in Texas, aged 29–82Descriptive qualitative study; a combination of individual and small focus group interviewsThematic analysis