Table 1

Santana model domains with no assigned codes from included studies:

Structure“S1a. Core values and Philosophy of the organisation” subdomains:
  • “Vision and mission”

  • “Patient and healthcare provider rights”

“S1b. Establishing operational definition of PCC” subdomains:
  • “Consistent operational definitions”

  • “Common language around PCC”

“S2. Co-designing the development and implementation of educational programs” subdomains:
  • “Standardised PCC training in all healthcare professional programs”

  • “Professional education and accrediting bodies”

“S3. Co-designing the development and implementation of health promotion and prevention programs” and all sub-domains
“S4a. Ensure resources for staff to practice PCC” and subdomain:
  • “Provide adequate incentives in payment programs; celebrate small wins and victories”

“S5. Providing a supportive and accommodating PCC environment” subdomains:
  • “Collaborate with and empower patients and staff in designing healthcare facilities”

  • “Facility that prioritise the safety and security of its patients and staff”

  • “Spiritual and religious spaces”

  • “Patient-directed visiting hours”

“S6. Developing and integrating structures to support health information technology” and all subdomains
“S7. Creating structures to measure and monitor PCC” and subdomain: “Co-design and develop framework for measurement, monitoring and evaluation”
Process“P2b. Providing resources”
Outcome“O2b Patient-Reported Experiences (PREMs)” and subdomain: “Recommendation or rating of hospital, healthcare provider”
“O2c. Patient-Reported Adverse Outcomes (PRAOs)” and subdomains:
  • “New or worsening symptoms”

  • “Unanticipated visits to healthcare facilities”