Table 1

Characteristics of the PREDICT participants included and not included in the data analysis (N=9870)

CharacteristicIncluded (N=9176)Not included (N=694)P value*
Latent tuberculosis infection (N=9176)
Area deprivation (N=9408)
 Most deprived491456.233551.0
 Moderately deprived335538.327842.3
 Least deprived4825.5446.70.031
Ever smoked (N=9802)
History of substance misuse (N=9807)
Ever been homeless (N=9814)
Ever been in prison (N=9808)
Gender (N=9797)
Age (N=9848)
 ≤35 years540459.038255.8
 >35 years375941.030344.20.100
Place of birth (N=9820)
Ethnicity (N=9618)
HIV status(self-reported)(N=9183)
BCG vaccination (N=8312)
Recent TB contact (N=9768)
  • Percentages may not add to 100 due to rounding.

  • 2 test p value.

  • PREDICT, Prognostic Evaluation of Diagnostic Interferon-Gamma Release Assays Consortium; TB, tuberculosis.