Table 1

An example of various Facebook pages that SA consumers have access to and that are managed by a single BMS manufacturer (accessed (online) 9 July 2020)

Name of facebook pageDescription of pageNo of likes
(2 November 2020)
Weblink to the page or group
Nestlé (global)Product/Service11 502 640
Nestlé Baby& Me South Africa*Baby Goods/Kids Goods84 721
Nido SAProduct/Service62 101
Nestlé Breakfast Cereals SAFood & drink company49 841
Nestlé Nutrition InstituteScience17 871
Nespray SABaby Goods/Kids Goods8 270
Nestlé NANKID 4 SAProduct/Service4 316
  • *Formerly called Nestlé Start Strong Stay Strong.

  • BMS, breast-milk substitutes; SA, South Africa.