Table 2

Concise version of the criteria and aspects of the WICID framework

I. Implications for the course of the pandemic and its impact on healthImplications for the risk of infection and course of the pandemic
Implications for COVID-19-related health consequences
Implications for the capacity of the healthcare system to treat (severe) COVID-19 cases
II. Implications for quality of life, social well-being and mental healthImplications for the capability to shape everyday life according to one’s own wishes and needs
Implications for individual well-being and quality of life
Implications of the measures for social well-being
Implications for social cohesion of communities
Implications for the experience of fear and insecurity
Implications for stress, stressors, the feeling of being overwhelmed and overloaded
Implications for mental health and its consequences
III. Implications for the physical health, health behaviour, health risks and healthcare beyond COVID-19Implications for health-related behaviour
Implications for the exposure to environments that affect health
Implications for the risk of suffering accidents or being affected by violence
Implications for medical emergency and standard care beyond COVID-19
Implications for care and other health and social support services
Other health-related implications beyond COVID-19
IV. Proportionality and accordance with individual autonomy and fundamental rightsImplications for and accordance with individual liberties and fundamental rights including autonomy and individual self-determination
Extent of intrusiveness and proportionality regarding the expected benefit
V. Acceptability of and willingness to implement the measuresSocio-cultural acceptability of the measures
Implications for willingness to implement, adhere to, or enforce the measures
VI. Equity, equality and the fair distribution of benefits and burdensImplications for health, social and economic inequalities
Implications for affected social groups, in particular vulnerable and marginalised populations
Degree of fair distribution of benefits and burdens between population groups
Accordance of the measures with the principle of equal treatment
Implications for the risk of stigmatisation and discrimination
VII. Societal and environmental implications & considerationsImplications for actors and institutions of civil society, social life, and culture
Implications for the civil society, social life and culture
Implications for social cohesion, solidarity, and the risk of social and political division
Implications for the economic situation of individuals and capability of social participation
Implications for education and psychosocial development
Implications for other social determinants of health
Implications for ecosystem, planetary boundaries, and environmental sustainability
VIII. Economic implications & considerationConsequences of the measures for individual economic actors and their economic activities
Implications for the economy; including resilience and ability to recover
Implications for innovation and economic development opportunities
Implications for the measures on the retention and release of labour forces
IX. Resource implications & considerationsFinancial costs, available financial resources and budgetary implications for different actors
Requirements of, availability of and implications for human resources
Requirements of, availability of, and implications for protective equipment, hygiene products and medical devices
Requirements of, availability of, and implications for infrastructure to implement, enforce, and/or monitor measures
Requirements of, availability of, and implications for further resources and infrastructures
X. Feasibility implications & considerationsPolitical feasibility and legal conformity
Practical and technical feasibility
Flexibility in implementation, extension, adjustment and withdrawal of measures
Possibility of evaluation and adequate reaction to new information
XI. Interaction with and implications for the health systemInteraction with other measures to control and contain the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic
Interaction with components of the healthcare system
Implications for the capability and willingness to develop alternative, local solutions
metacriterion: quality of evidence