Table 2

Terms used to describe cause of death data availability, estimation methods or data quality across different information sources for NCD mortality in UNESCAP countries, 2000–2016

CountryPopulationCause of death data availability/estimation method / model inputs
(Millions)UNESCAP availabilityUNSD methodsWHS report availabilityWHO/GHO estimates methodsIHME model inputsIHME % well certified*WHO VR useability*
East and North-East Asia
China1421SufficientModelledPrimary data <4 yearsGBD2016adj+WHOGlobal COD data6947
DPR Korea26SufficientModelledNo primary dataGBD2016 +WHOGlobal COD data00
Japan126SufficientAdjustedPrimary data <4 yearsUseable VRGlobal COD data8183
Mongolia3.2SufficientEstimatedPrimary data >4 yearsGBD2016 +WHOGlobal COD data8181
Republic of Korea81SufficientAdjustedPrimary data <4 yearsUseable VRGlobal COD data8182
South East Asia
Brunei Darussalam0.44SufficientEstimatedPrimary data <4 yearsGBD2016 +WHOGlobal COD data8285
Cambodia16.5SufficientModelledNo primary dataGBD2016 +WHOGlobal COD data00
Indonesia270SufficientModelledNo primary dataGBD2016 +WHOGlobal COD data570
Lao PDR7.1SufficientModelledNo primary dataGBD2016 +WHOGlobal COD data00
Malaysia33SufficientEstimatedPrimary data >4 yearsGBD2016 +WHOGlobal COD data039
Myanmar54SufficientModelledNo primary dataGBD2016 +WHOGlobal COD data00
Philippines108SufficientAdjustedPrimary data >4 yearsUseable VRGlobal COD data7275
Singapore5.8SufficientadjustedPrimary data <4 yearsUseable VRSelect national data9867
Thailand69SufficientEstimatedPrimary data <4 yearsGBD2016 +WHOGlobal COD data5843
Timor-Leste1.4SufficientModelledNo primary dataGBD2016 +WHOGlobal COD data00
Viet Nam98SufficientModelledNo primary dataGBD2016 +WHOGlobal COD data30
Australia25.1SufficientAdjustedPrimary data <4 yearsUseable VRSelect national data9091
Fiji0.92SufficientAdjustedPrimary data <4 yearsUseable VRGlobal COD data6368
Kiribati0.12SufficientEstimatedNo primary dataGBD2016 +WHOGlobal COD data00
Micronesia0.11SufficientModelledNo primary dataGBD2016 +WHOGlobal COD data00
New Zealand4.8SufficientAdjustedPrimary data <4 yearsUseable VRSelect national data9696
Papua New Guinea8.6SufficientModelledNo primary dataGBD2016 +WHOGlobal COD data00
Samoa0.2SufficientModelledNo primary dataGBD2016 +WHOGlobal COD data00
Solomon Islands0.64SufficientModelledNo primary dataGBD2016 +WHOGlobal COD data00
Tonga0.11SufficientModelledPrimary data >4 yearsGBD2016 +WHOGlobal COD data00
Vanuatu0.29SufficientModelledNo primary dataGBD2016 +WHOGlobal COD data00
South and South West Asia
Afghanistan37SufficientModelledNo primary dataGBD2016 +WHOGlobal COD data00
Bangladesh168.1SufficientModelledNo primary dataGBD2016 +WHOGlobal COD data390
Bhutan0.83SufficientModelledNo primary dataGBD2016 +WHOGlobal COD data00
India1368SufficientModelledPrimary data <4 yearsMDS+WHOGlobal COD data4949
Iran83SufficientEstimatedPrimary data <4 yearsGBD2016 +WHOGlobal COD data7264
Maldives0.45SufficientEstimatedPrimary data >4 yearsGBD2016 +WHOGlobal COD data6652
Nepal30SufficientModelledNo primary dataGBD2016 +WHOGlobal COD data00
Pakistan205SufficientModelledNo primary dataGBD2016 +WHOGlobal COD data00
Sri Lanka21SufficientEstimatedPrimary data >4 yearsGBD2016 +WHOGlobal COD data660
Turkey83SufficientEstimatedPrimary data <4 yearsGBD2016 +WHOGlobal COD data8464
North and Central Asia
Armenia2.9SufficientEstimatedPrimary data <4 yearsGBD2016 +WHOGlobal COD data9293
Azerbaijan10SufficientEstimatedPrimary data >4 yearsGBD2016 +WHOGlobal COD data052
Georgia3.9SufficientEstimatedPrimary data <4 yearsGBD2016 +WHOGlobal COD data5948
Kazakhstan19SufficientEstimatedPrimary data <4 yearsGBD2016 +WHOGlobal COD data8678
Kyrgyzstan6.2SufficientAdjustedPrimary data <4 yearsUseable VRGlobal COD data9191
Russian Federation144SufficientEstimatedPrimary data <4 yearsGBD2016 +WHOSelect national data8894
Tajikistan9.3SufficientEstimatedPrimary data >4 yearsGBD2016 +WHOGlobal COD data067
Turkmenistan5.9SufficientEstimatedPrimary data <4 yearsGBD2016 +WHOGlobal COD data8877
Uzbekistan33SufficientAdjustedPrimary data <4 yearsUseable VRGlobal COD data6587
  • *See text for definitions.

  • †Data for these scores taken from national sample registration systems (31–35).

  • COD, cause of death; GHO, global health observatory; IHME, Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation; NCD, non-communicable disease; UNESCAP, United Nations Economic and Social Commission for the Asia Pacific; UNSD, United Nations Statistics Division; WHS, World Health Statistics.