Table 2

Summary of recommendations for managing infectious outbreaks in prison

RecommendationTBInfluenzaMeasles, mumps, varicellaAdenovirusCOVID-19
(hypothetical impact)
Interagency collaboration++***++
Health communication++***++
Screening for contagious diseases
Symptoms++++ (Marginal)
Immune status++Unclear
Restrictions, isolation and quarantine++++++++
Contact tracing++++++
Immunisation programmes+++
Epidemiological surveillance++++++++
Prison-specific guidelines+++++
Appropriate treatment+++/-
  • -No current potential impact; +limited impact; ++likely impact; *data inadequate to formulate robust recommendation. All recommendations with the exception of the COVID-19 ones are based on the literature identified from the review. COVID-19 recommendations stem from consensus based on considering general literature on COVID-19 and one included study.70 BJ and JF reviewed this literature, considered its applicability, and formulated the recommendations jointly.

  • TB, tuberculosis.