Table 1

Number of countries and data points included in the analysis by Global Burden of Disease super-region and region

Countries (n)Countries with at least one data point in the DHS (n)Total data points in the DHS (n)Countries without data in the DHS* (n)
Sub‐Saharan Africa463611410
 Central Sub-Saharan Africa6472
 Eastern Sub-Saharan Africa1511434
 Southern Sub-Saharan Africa65131
 Western Sub-Saharan Africa1916513
Latin America and Caribbean25103215
 Andean Latin America32121
 Central Latin America84104
 Tropical Latin America3112
Southeast Asia, East Asia and Oceania254921
 East Asia2002
 Southeast Asia12498
Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Asia2181413
 Central Asia96113
 Central Europe8127
 Eastern Europe4113
South Asia54161
North Africa and Middle East1552110
  • *Estimates for South Sudan and Kosovo could not be computed due to lack of sufficient covariate data in 2015.

  • DHS, Demographic and Health Surveys.