Table 1

Study characteristics

First author and yearDescription of crisis (name, category and dates, as described in paper)Population as described in paperAdults or elderly (as defined by paper)DisplacedType of crisisLocation of study
Gómez-Restrepo et al 201884Colombian conflicts, (ongoing)10764 respondents to the National Mental Health Survey (2016), some of whom exposed to armed conflictAdultUnclearConflictLMIC
Furusawa et al 201185Earthquake, Solomon Islands, (2007)Villagers in Western provinceAdultMixedNon-conflictLMIC
Vanasse et al 201686Flood in the city of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, (2011)All adult individuals covered by the Quebec universal public health insurance plan resident in postcodes affected by the flood (271 postcodes, 119 of which had more than half of their surface area flooded)AdultUnclearNon-conflictHIC
Ebner et al 201638Great East Japan Earthquake, (2011)Adults over 40 living in Kawauchi village, 20 km west from FukushimaAdultYesNon-conflictHIC
Hayashi et al 201787Great East Japan Earthquake, (2011)People aged 40–74 years living in 1 of 13 municipalities in Fukushima in the evacuation zoneAdultMixedNon-conflictHIC
Hoshide et al 201988Great East Japan Earthquake, (2011)388 evacuees living in evacuation shelters after the earthquakeAdultYesNon-conflictHIC
Nagai et al 201837Great East Japan Earthquake, (2011)Patients aged 40–74 years living near Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power PlantAdultMixedNon-conflictHIC
Nomura et al 201689Great East Japan Earthquake, (2011)Patients aged 40–74 years living in Minamisoma and SomaAdultMixedNon-conflictHIC
Ohira et al 201651Great East Japan Earthquake, (2011)Evacuee and non-evacuee Japanese adults without hypertension aged 40–74 years living near the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant before the earthquakeAdultMixedNon-conflictHIC
Sakai et al 201770Great East Japan Earthquake, (2011)Individuals aged 40–90 years living in the vicinity of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant who had attended annual health checkups since 2008AdultMixedNon-conflictHIC
Satoh et al 201639Great East Japan Earthquake, (2011)Patients aged 40–90 years who were living near the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power PlantAdultMixedNon-conflictHIC
Shiba et al 201990Great East Japan Earthquake, (2011)Patients aged 65 years or older in Iwanuma affected by the tsunamiElderlyMixedNon-conflictHIC
Suda et al 201991Great East Japan Earthquake, (2011)Evacuees with disaster medical records from Minamisanriku town after the earthquakeAdultMixedNon-conflictHIC
Takahashi et al 201692Great East Japan Earthquake, (2011)6528 disaster survivors in heavily tsunami-damaged municipalities (both relocated and non-relocated)AdultMixedNon-conflictHIC
Toda et al 201793Great East Japan Earthquake, (2011)Adults over 40 years living in Minamisoma city, 10–40 km from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear PlantAdultMixedNon-conflictHIC
An et al 201549Hurricane Ike, (2008)Free clinic attendees who had stayed on the island during the rainstorm
>18 years, did not have a pre-hurricane history of coronary heart disease or psychiatric diagnoses and could read English
Gomez et al 200994Hurricane Ivan, (2004)Adult members of the community of 'Jubilee', GrenadaAdultNoNon-conflictLMIC
Greenough et al 200895Hurricane Katrina, (2005)Heads of household in Louisiana American Red Cross sheltersAdultYesNon-conflictHIC
Hurricane Katrina, (2005)Adults living in areas eligible for assistance after Hurricane KatrinaAdultMixedNon-conflictHIC
Islam et al 200864Hurricane Katrina, (2005)2194 adults over 65 with hypertension on managed care organisation databasesElderlyNoNon-conflictHIC
Krol et al 200797Hurricane Katrina, (2005)Patients from Biloxi/Gulfport affected by Hurricane KatrinaAdultUnclearNon-conflictHIC
Krousel-Wood et al 200860Hurricane Katrina, (2005)Community-dwelling patients attending the hypertension section of a multispecialty group practiceAdultMixedNon-conflictHIC
Rodriguez et al 200640Hurricane Katrina, (2005)Adult evacuees from Louisiana in OklahomaAdultYesNon-conflictHIC
Vest et al 200641Hurricane Katrina, (2005)New Orleans adults displaced by Hurricane Katrina, sheltered in Austin, TexasAdultYesNon-conflictHIC
Arrieta et al 200965Hurricane Katrina, 200530 health and social service providers, 28 chronic disease patientsAdultUnclearNon-conflictHIC
Burton et al 200935Hurricane Katrina, 2005Non-institutionalised Peoples Health enrollees who lived in four parishes in the New Orleans metropolitan area (age 65+ years)ElderlyMixedNon-conflictHIC
Burger et al 201948Hurricane Sandy, (2012)Patients from 7 Federal Quality Health Centres in New JerseyAdultNoNon-conflictHIC
Prueksaritanond et al 200798Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, (2004)87 elderly members of the Ban Nam Khem Community, ThailandElderlyNoNon-conflictLMIC
Doocy et al 201342Iraq War, (2003–2011)Iraqi populations displaced in Jordan and SyriaAdultYesConflictLMIC
Mateen et al 201299Iraq War, (2003–2011)Iraqi refugees in JordanAdultYesConflictLMIC
Lafta et al 2016100Iraq War and subsequent sectarian violence, (2003–)Women from internally displaced families living in informal settlementsAdultYesConflictLMIC
Anon et al 2010 101Iraq War, (2003–2011)Iraqi refugees settled in San Diego, CaliforniaAdultYesConflictHIC
Jen et al 201531Iraq War, (2003–2011)290 Iraqi adult refugees recently arrived in MichiganAdultYesConflictHIC
Taylor et al 201432Iraq War, (2003–2011)Iraqi adults settled in the USA for between 8 and 36 monthsAdultYesConflictHIC
Baxter et al 201866Iraqi Civil War, (2014–17)15 adult from Mosul presenting to MSF in KurdistanAdultYesConflictLMIC
Cetorelli et al 201752Iraqi Civil War, (2014–17)Adults in BRHA campsAdultYesConflictLMIC
Dudova et al 2015102Iraqi Civil War, (2014–17)1119 refugee patients at a primary care clinic for internally displaced people in Ozal city, ErbilAdultYesConflictLMIC
Lipsitz et al 201036Israel–Lebanon War, (2006)Patients attending five clinics in Jerusalem and surrounding areas, whose home address was in northern IsraelAdultYesConflictHIC
Adrega et al 2018103Nepal earthquake, (May 2015)Dislodged inhabitants of SindhupalchokAdultMixedNon-conflictLMIC
Khader et al 201453Palestine conflict, (—)All Palestinian patients registered in 6 UNRWA primary care clinics in JordanAdultYesLong-standing refugee situationLMIC
Khader et al 201261Palestine conflict, (—)Palestinian refugees registered with Nuzha primary care centre with hypertensionAdultYesLong-standing refugee situationLMIC
Mousa et al 2010104Palestine conflict, (—)Palestinian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Syrian Arab Republic, West Bank and the Gaza Strip served by UNRWA primary care facilitiesAdultYesLong-standing refugee situationLMIC
Saadeh et al 201543Palestine conflict, (—)Palestinian refugees (aged 40 years and over) treated by GPs at the UNRWA primary healthcare centres in JordanAdultYesLong-standing refugee situationLMIC
Saleh et al 2018 44Palestine conflict, (—)Palestinian refugees (aged 40 years and over) living in camps in LebanonAdultYesLong-standing refugee situationLMIC
Abukhdeir et al 2013105Palestinian conflict, (—)Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip and the West BankAdultMixedLong-standing refugee situationLMIC
Renzaho et al 201433Sudanese wars (ongoing throughout time frame)314 Sudanese refugees settling in Brisbane/Toowoomba, Australia.AdultYesConflictHIC
Mobula et al 201650Super Typhoon Haiyan, Philippines, (2013)Patients attending clinics conducted by mobile medical teamsAdultUnclearNon-conflictLMIC
Balcilar et al 201662Syrian War, (2011–)Syrian refugees in Turkey aged 18–69 yearsAdultYesConflictLMIC
Chahda et al 201547Syrian War, (2011–)167 Syrian refugees registered with CLMC and 43 Palestinian refugees from Syria registered with the Palestinian Women’s Humanitarian Organisation in LebanonElderlyYesConflictLMIC
Doocy et al 201854Syrian War, (2011–)Syrian refugees in LebanonAdultYesConflictLMIC
Doocy et al 201567Syrian War, (2011–)Syrian refugees in JordanAdultYesConflictLMIC
Doocy et al 201655Syrian War, (2011–)Syrian refugees in LebanonAdultYesConflictLMIC
Eryurt et al 202046Syrian War, (2011–)Syrian refugees in Turkey (age 18–69 years)AdultYesConflictLMIC
Maldari et al 201934Syrian War, (2011–)Syrian refugees seen at Refugee Health Service, South AustraliaAdultYesConflictHIC
Rehr et al 201856Syrian War, (2011–)Non-camp Syrian refugees in Irbid northern JordanAdultYesConflictLMIC
Strong et al 2015106Syrian War, (2011–)210 older refugees from Syria in LebanonElderlyYesConflictLMIC
Doocy et al 2014107Syrian War, (2011–)Syrian refugees in JordanAdultYesConflictLMIC
Vernier et al 201945Syrian War, (2011–)Families living in Ein Issa campAdultYesConflictLMIC
Doocy et al 201657Syrian War, (2011)Syrian refugees in JordanAdultYesConflictLMIC
Kayali et al 201958Syrian War, (2011)Patients with hypertension in Shatila refugee campAdultYesConflictLMIC
Lin et al 2015108Typhoon Morakot, Taiwan, (2009)Typhoon-displaced adults from Kaohsiung County. Two groups: 1 moved to shelters, 1 moved within the communityAdultYesNon-conflictLMIC
Sun et al 201359Wenchuan earthquake, China (2008)3230 adults over 20 who had stayed in temporary shelters for more than 1 yearAdultYesNon-conflictLMIC
  • BRHA, Board of Relief and Humanitarian Affairs; CHD, coronary heart disease; CLMC, Caritas Lebanon Migrant Centre; GP, general practitioner; HIC, high-income country; LMIC, low/middle-income country; MSF, Médecins Sans Frontières; UNRWA, United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Middle East.