Table 2

Prevalence of hypertension reported in eligible studies conducted in high-income countries

First author and yearMeasurement usedSubgroup (if no whole population prevalence available)Number with diseaseValue of denominatorProportion with disease as reported (%)Measure of spread as reported (95% CI)
Ebner et al 201638BP >130/85 or on antihypertensive medicationsPre-earthquake6107929665.762.7 to 68.5
20121731280161.858.2 to 65.2
20131780279463.759.9 to 67.4
Hayashi et al 201787BP >140/90 or on medicationBaseline BP14 49254
Hoshide et al 201988Mean of 3×BP >140/90Disaster HTN158272
Pre-earthquake HTN126272
Disaster HTN among patients without prevalent HTN6614645.2
Disaster HTN among patients with HTN normally9212673
Nagai et al 201837BP >140/90 or on antihypertensive medications2010 male991244.442.7 to 46.0
2011 male724947.245.2 to 49.2
2012 male949948.847.1 to 50.6
2013 male948547.445.7 to 49.2
2014 male961945.543.8 to 47.3
2010 female12 17837.536.3 to 38.7
2011 female882838.637.3 to 40.0
2012 female11 6153937.8 to 40.3
2013 female11 85137.836.6 to 39.1
2014 female12 34135.634.4 to 36.8
Nomura et al 201689BP >140/90 or on antihypertensive medicationsBaseline (2008–2010)
Baseline (2008–2010)
2011 evacuee11221651.9
2011 non-evacuee1506287052.6
2012 evacuee33362753.1
2012 non-evacuee2020388652.1
2013 evacuee36665755.7
2013 non-evacuee1888368051.3
2014 evacuee29761748.1
2014 non-evacuee1758359149.2
Ohira et al 201651On medication or BP >140/90Men1242451527.5
Sakai et al 201770Not statedEvacuee536454.1
Satoh et al 201639Not statedLow risk, evacuee725356.3
Low risk, non-evacuee13 73056.1
Moderate risk, evacuee177771
Moderate risk, non-evacuee331969.5
High risk, evacuee29086.6
High risk, non-evacuee49280.3
Very high risk, evacuee8793.1
Very high risk, non-evacuee14092.1
Shiba et al 201990HTN medication414119534.6
Suda et al 201991ICD-10267810 46225.6
Takahashi et al 201692Self-reported316032
Toda et al 201793Antihypertensive medication2009 men7422433
2009 women8533925.1
2010 men8022435.7
2010 women9633928.3
2011 men9022440.2
2011 women10933932.2
2012 men9922444.2
2012 women12433936.6
Hurricane Katrina
Greenough et al 200895Self-reported17049934.830.4 to 39.2
Krol et al 200797Record on medical chartAge 22–659967726.1
Age >65297259.2
Rodriguez et al 200640Self-reported6224125.7
Vest et al 200641Self-reported7118339.532.5 to 46.5
Burton et al 200935ICD-9-CM20 61283.14
Other HIC
Vanasse et al 2016 (Canada)86History of hypertension was defined as
a hospitalisation with a main or a secondary diagnosis of hypertension (ICD-9 codes: 401–405 and
ICD-10-CA codes: I10–I13, I15) or at least two ambulatory visits for hypertension in a 2-year span between 1996 and the beginning of the study period
2328Whole sample10 08123.1
An et al 2015 (USA)49Self-reported/on medication/average of 3 consecutive measures, cut-off >140/90141973.7
Burger et al 2019 (USA)48Self-reported274895.5
  • BP, blood pressure; HIC, high-income country; HTN, hypertension; ICD, International Classification of Diseases.